Energy Independence,
Enjoy Greener Life

ResidentialPV & ESS Solution

Green Power with Enhanced Safety

Cost Saving

Save electricity cost and reduce your dependence on the grid.

Enhanced Safety

Meet the higher safety standard, ensure personnel and property safety.

Your Smart Energy Home

Predict your system generation and consumption to ensure better energy management.

Less is More

Modern design fit with your home style with elegance.

Smart .

A Wonderful Option for Your Life

Smart Module Controllers monitor your PV modules in real time to give you the visibility and confidence you deserve

Smart .

Your Magic PV Box

Smart PV Controllers protect the safety of your life and property

Smart .

Your Reliable Power Bank

Energy storage systems store solar energy for the night or a rainy day without wasting any power your PV generated

Smart .

Drive with Sun Power

Smart EV chargers cut electricity bills and carbon emissions by charging your EV from solar power or the grid at off-peak hours

24/7 Monitoring
Connected on the Cloud

Visibility on the Go

Our APP provides real-time visibility into and control over your energy use, smartly

Start a new green life today

Call us, we will provide meticulous service as soon as possible.

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