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About Us

Who We Are

SunArk Power is a leading global energy storage solution and service provider. The company specializes in residential, commercial and utility applications and delivers pre-eminent products and fit-for-purpose solutions. SunArk Power has 20+ experience producing energy storage products and 90,000+ systems actively running in 80+ countries, enabling millions of people to enjoy reliable, accessible and clean energy.

What We do

SunArk Power has been developing quickly, till end of 2022, accumulatively, the company has manufactured 620MWh BESS and battery strings. Internationally, SunArk Power FlexCombo DC coupling microgrid ESS, from 50kW to 500kW, is a well-known trademark that more than 300 sets has been deployed in EU, US, Canada, Brazil, Myanmar, African countries etc.

Why Choose Us

SunArk Power is a national high-tech enterprise with such innovative platforms as national enterprise technology center, CNAS accredited laboratory, postdoctoral workstation, academician workstation, Equipment and Electronics Research Institute and so on. SunArk Power has core technology patents in new materials, new technologies and new structures of battery power supply, has led and participated in the formulation of a number of international, national and industrial standards.

Growth Path

2023-the Future

Layout the energy storage industry chain, striving to be one stop solution leader in the future.


Lunch our own energy storage Inverters, Controllers and EV Chargers, building professional EPC team to develop energy storage projects.


Layout the lithium battery industry chain, producing LiFePO4 batteries for all kinds of application like Energy Storage System, UPS, Telecom, Data Centers, etc.


Focus on the R&D of lead acid battery, producing full range of AGM, Gel, Deep Cycle, Lead Carbon, OPzS, OPzV Batteries.

Smart Manufacturing

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery

With over 20 years of development, Our product range covers AGM batteries 2V/6V/12V, Deep Cycle GEL batteries, Front Access batteries, OPzS, OPzV as tubular batteries.

Lithium Battery

We set up new factory for lithium storage products at 2015, Sunpal can provide lithium storage solution for residential, commercial and utility scale.

Inverters & Controllers

Inverters range from 5 kW up to 1MW, covering both residential, commercial and utility application scenarios.

EV Charger

The EV charger portfolio is composed of 7kW to 360kW AC and DC electric vehicle chargers for home and public charging station.

Our Culture


Leading the energy evolution and take responsibility for enabling a sustainable future.


Provide one-stop solution for clean energy and become an industry leader.


Pursue Excellence, Create Value, Dependability, Teamwork, Respect Individuals
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